M o s u n T e p p a n y a k i

About Us

Brand Story

Located at Eastern District of Taipei, an area that leads artistic and fashion trends, bustling with contemporary young women busily coming and going pursuing the latest fashion, Mosun Teppanyaki targets our customers as trendy women aged 25 to 45, who showcase dazzling styles and beauty of looks along with the change of fashion in different periods, and aspires to set the catering fashion trends in an touching atmosphere of smells, looks and tastes.

As Chanel once put it,

“Black represents everything,” women tend to pay attention to changeable colors in the world but ignore the essence of black, black is the most catholic...

Black can be mysterious and elegant, can be sexy and seductive, can be avant-garde and glacially beautiful, can also be dignified and poised. Regardless of gender, old and young, age and popularity, the profound meaning black becomes a color of multi-wisdom. That is why Mosun has chosen color black as the background, complemented by purple iris, to create the main theme of our interior design and brand logo for a complete display of the spirit of " Fashion, Touching, Romantic, Simplicity and Cozy."

A purple iris can be found in Mosun logo, exhibiting a splendidly elegant classical temperament. Starting King Philip I of France in the 11th century, iris has been used as a decorative design in royal symbol of French monarch, establishing centuries of indissoluble bond with French royal houses. Portrayed as a flying pigeon, the golden iris signifies dignity, reverence, pure holy spirit and powerfulness.

Iris is a flower not only colorful in its appearance but in its legend. Iris in Latin is the name of Rainbow Goddess in Greek mythology, who is the messenger of gods and leads innocent souls to the heaven. When honest mortal deceased, Iris would come as a rainbow and help the innocent soul to rest in heaven for eternal peace through a rainbow bridge. This is why Iris is also known as “Messenger of Love.”


haracterized by fresh and seasonal ingredients carefully selected into culinary process, Teppanyaki is like a woman’s treasure box for collecting valuables; a memory box for keeping private articles; a vanity case for carrying cosmetics; and a jewel box for storing personal ornaments. For all women, a jewel box is an extension of dreams and the best place for preserving precious artistic items. Hence, the perspective of our restaurant has been designed as jewel boxes of various sizes to tell different stories of “collection” through simple spatial lines along with contrast of the lines set off by French classical furniture.